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San Antonio Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (SA BEST


9/12/19 - We've been busy working on getting the game ready for this year and we hope you're ready to get "Off the Grid".  Kickoff is this weekedn 9/14 starting at 12:30 in the St Mary's University practice gym in the Alumni Athletic and Convention Center.  We'll also have some traning classes from 10:30 to 11:30 in the morning to help teams that haven't participated before,  are looking for a refresher, or have new students that would benefit from some training .

4/1/19 - We opened up team signups a couple weeks ago and already have 29 (of 44 teams ) signed up. If your team is not already signed up and listed on the schools page, please login and then visit the schools page to get your spot. Please note that confirmation of your spot requires SA BEST to act on your online submission - registration is not immediate nor guaranteed. You will receive feedback that you team has a spot, and then your team will appear on the schools list.

Registration is also open for the BEST Robotics Teacher and Mentor Workshop, hosted by BEST of Texas Robotics.  The workshop is open to anyone 18 years of age or older (no minors). There are two sessions in July available, with openings in both.  The workshop is being hosted on the campus of The University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, Texas.  For details, please visit this link.   (Please note that SA BEST is only providing the announcement, we cannot answer any questions about this workshop.)

bESTology has started up for the summer. This is a fun way to learn some science related to this year's game (Off the Grid) through weekly exercises.

11/6/18 - We have the team pictures posted - these are high resolution, so they may take a bit to download.

The SA BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) competition is a contest held annually to inspire and interest students in the fields of science and engineering. With guidance from adult mentors, local teams of students design and build a remote controlled machine to accomplish a specific task. The students are given a box of raw materials from which to build the machine and 6 weeks to design and construct it. The task of the robot is kept secret until Kick-off Day, when all the teams are told what the robot is required to do.  On Competition Day, all schools will compete head-on with each other in a thrilling science-fair-turned-sports-event.  Several teams advance to the regional Texas Best competition and compete with the BEST robots from other areas. More information on the BEST concept is available.

San Antonio BEST is a part of the nationwide organization of BEST Robotics, Inc.

BEST Robotics

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