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Team Profile

School Name: William Howard Taft High School
Team Name: Taft Roboraiders
Team Number: 6
Machine Name:
Years in BEST: 23
Web Address: www.roboraiders.org

Coaches (teachers):
Donald Ellis
Christopher Hudson

Industry Coaches (mentors):
Dave Adams (Northrop-Grumman), Daniel Pomerening (Southwest Research Institute), Peter Jensen (Solidworks)

Members (students):
Samuel Yoon, CEO; Connor Stoddard, Fabrication Chief; Josiah Jensen, CAD Chief; John Ostrum, Programming Chief; Lauren Lambert, BEST Award Chief; Ana Velasquez; John Murray; Andrew Gilson; Emily Eck; Axel Reyes; Robert Reyes; Jacob Crawford; Zeus Orozco; Rain Bohanan

Team Statement:
Despite a large number of new team members, we believe that Taft this year has put together a team that is one of the best it has ever fielded in the 23 years that we have been associated with the BEST competition. This year’s students have truly shown their dedication and drive to succeed in winning. Despite the high number of new members, we have taken honest stock of our strengths and have organized our team so as to take full advantage of each of our team members many talents. We are also grateful to each of our industry mentors that have assisted us. In addition to striving to create a robot that can execute what we have determined to be the most efficient scoring strategy, we have also developed many skills that will help us to succeed both inside and outside of school. We have sought to increase our proficiency in programming, computer aided design, marketing, public speaking, and management. We have gained valuable insight into the engineering process, and have developed strong team building skills. We are proud of our members and mentors for all the hard work and contributions made to our team. "Life is a journey, not a destination," and our journey has only begun.

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