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GEAR Competition


Team Profile

School Name: Smithson Valley Middle School
Team Name: Gearheads, Inc.
Team Number: 35
Machine Name: X-35 Savior Bot
Years in BEST: 5
Web Address: svmsgearheads.weebly.com

Coaches (teachers):
Sandy Boldway

Industry Coaches (mentors):
Steven Baca
John Boldway
Catherine Martin
Kimberly Simmons
Mark Simmons
Michelle Toninato

Members (students):
PEN Division: 8th Grade Manager, Amelia Dorko; 8th Grade Member: Natalka Kerr. Marketing Division: 6th Grade Manager, LJ Collinsworth; 7th Grade Member: Dani Martin. Team Exhibit & Interview Division: 8th Grade Peer Mentor, Abigail Martin; 6th Grade Manager, Alora Snowden; 8th Grade Member: Delaney Nita; 7th Grade Member: Emily Lane; 6th Grade Member: Samantha Kollasch. Engineering Design & Building Division: 7th Grade Managers, Justin Baca and Kyle Peter; 8th Grade Members: Monali Baker, Will Packer, Noah Thompson; 7th Grade Members: Nolan Larson, Santi Retana, Will Taylor, Taylor Zelenik; 6th Grade Members: Reese Anderson, Matt Llanos, Jake McAnelly, Isaiah Matull. Engineering Programming Division: 8th Grade Peer Mentor, Ian Martin; 8th Grade Manager, Max Wroblewski and 7th Grade Manager, Ryan Harkin; 8th Grade Members: Greyson Havens, Camden McGhie; 7th Grade Members: Josh Butler, Aiden Dade, Lance Dixon-Remington, Zack Govin, Daniel Marie, Khiem Nguyen, Zachary Ohlenforst, Cole Skrobarcek, Ethan Tuttle, Kevin Uduji, Landon Yarbrough; 6th Grade Members: Noah David Aguilar, Tristan Allbritton, David Garcia, William Martin. Engineering Field Construction Division: 6th Grade Manager, Rhea Carter; 8th Grade Member: Matt Swandal; 7th Grade Members: Hope Davidson, Paxton Rhoads, Kyle Robinson, Gavin Sandhoefner; 6th Grade Members: Isaih Emerick, Cicialy Packer. Spirit & Sportsmanship Division: 7th Grade Manager, Annabelle Lewis; 7th Grade Members: Ashley Lane, Eliza Naylor.

Team Statement:
The members of Gearheads, Inc. appreciate SA BEST for providing such an amazing opportunity to engage in STEM activities. Wherever there’s a fire you’ll see the gears a burnin’ on the X-35 Savior Bot! Fire. Out.

Team Sponsors:
Aguilar Family
Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
Alamo Transformer Supply Company
Baca Family
Howell Family
LegalShield www.comallegal.info
Martin Family
Matull Family
Simmons Family
Universal Toyota