Registration Information

The registration system has been implemented to help us keep current information on the SA BEST participants.  Once registered, you have access to your own contact information so you can help us out by keeping it current.  Of course, any information provided will only be used by SA BEST administrators.  Team administrators (usually the prime teacher) will also have access to contact information for the mentors that have volunteered for their team.

The registration/login system makes use of a "cookie" on you local machine.  The cookie is retrieved by different pages to check your login status.  The cookie remains on your system until you log out.  This means that if you share your computer with others, you should make sure to logout after you are done (or others will have access to your account.)

If you should happen to forget your password, go to the login script, enter your username, and click the "forgot my password" button.  A new password will be created and sent to your preferred e-mail address.  If you forgot your username as well, please contact one of the hub administrators so we can help you find yourself.