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GEAR Competition


2021 - A Robot Odyssey

The objective of the game is for teams to use their remote controlled machines to unload a cargo ship on the surface of Mars and place the supplies in a storage bins.  Matches are 3-minutes long and played with 4 teams in each match.

The machines start the match in the corners of the carpeted field surface.  A pressure sensitive switch near the exit of each starting area is used a tiebreaker (and scores one point when it is tripped). The driver is located near the machine starting area. The spotter and the team's scoring bin are both located on the side of the field opposite the driver.  All supplies (game pieces) are located on the elevated platform in the center of the field (the cargo bay).   The platform is 14-inches high and can be accessed via the 66-inch long ramps.

Field Overview - Robot in starting position for green team.

The boxes used as game pieces are 3"x3"x3" (nominal) empty cardboard boxes placed in the locations shown in the pictures. The Fuel tanks (bottles) are 16 fl. oz. bottles that contain 8 wt. oz.  of pea gravel. The 2-3/8" OD fuel tanks are placed into 2-5/8" holes in the surface of the cargo container. The surface of cargo container is elevated about 1-3/4" above the surface of the cargo bay. The point value of each game pieces is detailed in the table below.
Game Piece Number of
Points per
Equipment box
20 5
Food box
20 15
Medical supply box
4 25
Fuel Tank 12 40

Cargo Container

A bonus score of 75 points is awarded for scoring one or more of each of the following types of game pieces: fuel tank, equipment box  and  food box.  An additional 50 points are award if one or more medical supply boxes are scored in addition to the previous three types of game pieces. A team can earn a maximum of 125 bonus points in a single match.

In order for a game piece to score, the piece must be placed in the storage bin such that no part of the game piece extends beyond the inside wall of the scoring bin. The position of the game piece at the end of the match determines the scoring status. Game pieces in scoring position, but in contact with the machine at the end match do not score; however, this does not apply to contact between game pieces and detached portions of the machine.

Game pieces in the possession of a team or in scoring position cannot be touched by another team. Teams may not drive into the scoring bins or into the Cargo Container.


San Antonio BEST Award Results:

  1. United Engineering and Technology Magnet*
  2. Saint Mary's Hall School*
  3. Holy Cross of San Antonio
  4. Navarro High School

Competition Results:  

  1. Robert E Lee High School*
  2. Stacey High School*
  3. United Engineering and Technology Magnet*
  4. Fox Tech High School
  5. Saint Mary's Hall School*
  6. Highlands High School
  7. Madison High School
  8. Navarro High School

* teams advancing to Texas BEST from SA BEST

Other Awards:

  • Founders Award - 
    1. Stacey High School
    2. Antonian College Preparatory High School
  • Most Robust - United Engineering and Technology Magnet
  • Most Photogenic - Krueger Middle School (KSAT)
  • Best Table Display and Interview - Holy Cross of San Antonio
  • Most Spirit and Sportsmanship - Saint Anthony Catholic High School
  • BEST T-shirt - Highlands High School
  • BEST Use of Game Theme - Thomas A. Edison High School
  • Blood, Sweat and Duct Tape - Sam Houston High School

The complete seeding competition results and final competition results are also available.