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10/13/14 - There is less than a week to finish your notebook - has anyone tried uploading it yet? The team administrator (typically, the teacher) has access to upload the notebook. You can upload your notebook as many times as you'd like since each new upload will overwrite the previous one (file names don't matter because they are automatically named with your team number). While we're mentioning notebooks, don;t forget to include your demographics form with your notebook and bring a printed copy to Demo Day on Sunday (noon in the practice gym at St. Mary's).

If you need any replacement parts or special support, it would be good to let us know (via e-mail) before demo day, so we can make sure to have the parts you need with us.

Take a look at your team's profile via the link from the school's page, if the information that you see there is out of date, please update it since that's the information going into the game-day program. The team administrator is the person that can update that information, but students can certainly apply the pressure to get it done!

9/27/14 - If you've been following the Q&A you know there have been some important changes and clarifications to the rules. In particular, the scoring has changed slightly. If you're using the Excel scoring spreadsheet, please delete it and use the online version that includes the latest updates.

Have you found us on Facebook yet? It's a chance for you to share what your team is doing with the rest of the SA BEST gang.

9/22/14 - Hopefully all the teams are finalizing their strategy and figuring out what to build. Didn't know that you were already behind? Take a look at the suggested schedule that we provided on the USB drive. The PowerPoint presentation from kickoff has been posted in the files area, and we have some pictures available as well.

9/13/14 - Kickoff Today! 12:30 PM at St Mary's University in the University Center, Conference Room A. We're excited to see all of our old and new teams and wish them all the BEST of luck. If kickoff is today, that means that it's only six weeks until game day (October 25th).

If you're interested in helping:

  • Teams will be looking for mentors to help them with the robot and other aspects of the 6-week build process.
  • SA BEST will be looking for volunteers to help with judging, refereeing. and performing other game-day functions.

You can sign up online to let us know that you'd like to help with either of these function.

7/12/14 - Schedule Update - take a look at the schedule for the tentative dates for this year's competition. If you haven't already seen the teaser for this year's game (Blade Runner), you can find it on the BEST, Inc web site.


The SA BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) competition is a contest held annually to inspire and interest students in the fields of science and engineering. With guidance from adult mentors, local teams of students design and build a remote controlled machine to accomplish a specific task. The students are given a box of raw materials from which to build the machine and 6 weeks to design and construct it. The task of the robot is kept secret until Kick-off Day, when all the teams are told what the robot is required to do.  On Competition Day, all schools will compete head-on with each other in a thrilling science-fair-turned-sports-event.  Several teams advance to the regional Texas Best competition and compete with the BEST robots from other areas. More information on the BEST concept is available.


SA BEST appreciates the contributions of all sponsors, but would particularly like to recognize


for their contributions to all  BEST hubs through their Yes Program


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