The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) was founded in 1946 and can trace it's roots trace back to the American Civil War. Today, AFCEA serves as a bridge between government requirements and industry capabilities, representing the top government, industry, and military professionals in the fields of information technology, communications, and intelligence. AFCEA, a non-profit international association, is dedicated to supporting global security by providing an ethical environment that encourages a close cooperative relationship among civil government agencies, the military and industry.

AFCEA Members

AFCEA's members, associates and sponsors and associates are among the world's leading designers, planners, manufacturers, testers and users of systems, services and components for IT, communications, and intelligence.

AFCEA Chapters

Located around the world, AFCEA's 139 chapters give engineers, programmers, managers, government officials and military personnel continuing opportunities to exchange ideas. AFCEA chapters conduct symposia and seminars in addition to other chapter activities. The Alamo Chapter provides scholarships to deserving individuals throughout it's Texas-Louisiana territory.

SIGNAL Magazine

SIGNAL, AFCEA's international journal, is the recognized source of news and commentary for communications, intelligence and IT professionals. Each month, authoritative experts in their fields contribute to SIGNAL, exploring scientific research, advanced technologies, new operational concepts and information management systems. SIGNAL's annual Source Book, released in January, contains profiles and contacts for AFCEA's corporate sponsors - a "who's who" in IT.

Educational Foundation

The AFCEA Educational Foundation is a tax-exempt organization. It provides annual scholarships, fellowships and awards to students in the "hard" sciences attending the five service academies, ROTC programs, graduate schools and other educational institutions. The Foundation also sponsors awards and prizes for academic excellence in military schools and training institutions of all of the services.

Professional Development Center

AFCEA's Professional Development Center is operated by the Educational Foundation and offers classified and unclassified courses for government, military and industry professionals in IT, communications, and intelligence. AFCEA Sponsored Conferences/Symposia offer problem-solving and networking opportunities through exhibits, technical panels, and featured speakers. Decision-makers from around the world attend AFCEA conferences for hands-on demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions and system solutions.

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  1. The Alamo Chapter of the Armed Forces Communication Electronics Association (AFCEA) offers up to three (3) $1,000 scholarships annually to the SA BEST competition day 1st place winning team graduating seniors. Additionally, AFCEA offers up to two (2) $1,000 scholarships annually to graduating seniors of the team receiving 1st place in the Annual BEST Award, and one (1) $1,000 scholarship to the nominee of the Sportsmanship Award.
  2. Selected graduating seniors of the above teams who are not recipients of other SA BEST related scholarships will each receive $1,000 scholarships.
  3. Each student must have been an active participant in the SA BEST design-and-build process (principal teacher or mentor discretion).
  4. Principal teacher/mentor of the winning team must provide names, addresses, telephone numbers of the graduating seniors to AFCEA and SA BEST within 180 days following competition day.
  5. SA BEST will post the winning names on the SA BEST web page.
  6. AFCEA will inform SA BEST and the winning students of the date for scholarship presentations. These presentations may be during a San Antonio area AFCEA meeting.
  7. Students must provide AFCEA proof of enrollment in a school of higher learning.

Note: The Alamo Chapter of AFCEA is solely responsible for establishing their scholarship requirements.